What is an O.E.F.

An O.E.F. is a report developed by Obscon. Also known as an Obsolete Electrical Footprint. These footprints supply a facility with everything they need in order to reduce and even eliminate downtime from electrical and circuit breaker failures.

These footprints supply the facility with a preventative maintenance program, while also educated the personnel on every aspect of what type and generational vintage each and every circuit breaker is in their facility.

Once all the information is devised, a facility will be confident that if they ever have a circuit breaker failure, they will have all the information and tools needed in order to eliminate and reduce downtime to a minimum. These footprints are color coded and will supply specific information on the most effective way to approach the generational aspects of each breaker manufacturer, frame and size, so that the facility will have a confident plan that any failure will be attacked, whether it be an obsolete or current breaker that fails.

Not all infrastructure updating requires buying all new equipment, if you fully understand the obsolete equipment you are dealing with. With an Obscon O.E.F. you will never be in the dark again, literally and in knowledge. Go to www.obscon.com for more information

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